Sunday, 18 November 2012


Winter is here again and with it the usually bout of colds. I know cold weather doesn't give you a cold, viruses do but when its cold more people use public transport and more people mean more incidence of being sneezed on. 

I am one of those unfortunate people who will often get about 3 colds in succession. This is mainly due to the fact that I use public transport a lot, my husband works in retail so he often fetches colds home he's caught from customers and I also have two children  (they are little germ factories.)

I did a little picture of a cold virus while I was sat up one night snuffling. I have expanded my picture a bit so it fits the Illustration Friday word of the week which is ZOOM.  I know the particulates from a sneeze zoom across a room. This link is to an article from Myth Busters who measured how fast a sneeze was and how far it went. Well thankfully this virus is waning now but no doubt I'll have another in a week or so.


  1. Oh yes... this is the time of the year when it looks as even dogs are sneezing... Cold id in the air. :)

  2. Well, sneezing is bad, but colds are also spread by touching your nose, eyes or mouth with your fingers. I see people doing this all the time. Fingers are covered with germs from everything we touch, so if you need to scratch your face use the back of your hand. I havent had a cold in years or the flu in 15 or more years by doing that. Just sayin.

  3. Cute little guy, the germ is cute too - you wouldn't think he would wreak so much havoc and illness :)

    1. Thanks for the comment, Gosh its due to that blinking cold virus that I have not been round much my daughter came down with a doozy of a cold one day she was a wheezing mass of snot poor thing.



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